Guido Cappellini
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Guido Cappellini holds the World Speed Record on the water, regularly approved by FIM and established on April 29, 2005 on the Iseo lake, with 256,20 km per hour!

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Guido Cappellini

The World Speed Record in the water

With 256,20 km per hour!

Guido Cappellini holds the World Speed Record on water, regularly approved by the FIM and established in 2005 on April 29th, on Iseo Lake, at a speed of 256.20 km per hour!

During the event created in collaboration with Tamoil, Poliform and the Italian Powerboating Federation, Cappellini set the new record  twice: first, late in the morning after two failed attempts, he broke the previous record which belonged to the English drivers Alan Marshall at the amazing average of 240.80 km per hour.

But in the afternoon, after a carburation pit stop, Guido went back on the Lake, driving his Dac Racing hull and set the record still unbeaten of 256,20 km per hour (yet certified by the Italian Federation Timekeepers). The record was reached on a competition field consisting of a 1 km straight circuit to be covered twice: the performance was calculated considering the average speed of the outward passage and the average speed of the return pass, so you could extrapolate an official result.

It is impressive the maximum speed reached on that occasion, which saw Cappellini bring down the speed wall of 260 Km per hour on the water!

The Olympic Windsurfing Champion Alessandra Sensini and the actress Randi Ingermann were the exceptional event godmothers: after the record, they experienced with Cappellini the thrill of his  two-seat hull, designed with an enlarged cockpit to host a guest.

R 5000 Speed Record

Guido Cappellini

The R 5000 Speed Record

The incredible average of 216,702 Km for hour!

The World Speed Record on the water is not the only one Cappellini obtained: in fact, already in 1996, in collaboration with Maserati and Primatist, he achieved the “R 5000” speed Record in Campione d’Italia, driving to the incredibile average of 216,702 Km for hour.

The Primatist Dac by Maserati catamaran, 6,50  meters long and  just over 2 meters wide, was fitted with a special “Z Drive” transmission which gave the possibility of using an aft foot (like in F1 Inshore races) and an inboard propeller. The Maserati, which had the intent to “revive” a glorious past in which it had been one of the first to established speed records on the water, concentrated on the engine, realizing a  2000 cc turbocharged unit, capable of developing 400 hp at 8100 rpm.

Guido Cappellini was able to be the extraordinary interpreter of the adventure, the driver who made real the Maserati dream of flying on the water!

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