Guido Cappellini
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The Team manager

Guido Cappellini has been leaded the Abu Dhabi Powerboat Team since 2015. He has just won 11 world championship in F1, F2, F4 and UIM Endurance World Circuit.

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Guido Cappellini

Guido’s career as a team manager

For Guido Cappellini as a Team manager, there are 11 world crowns won in just 5 years!

Guido’s career as a team manager has already started (in 2014 he had won the UIM World Endurance circuit with the the russian New Star Team) , when in 2015 he received an invitation from the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi, HH. Dr. Sheick Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to become the manager of the Inshore teams of the Abu Dhabi Team – which take part at the world championships F1 and F2 – succeeding Mr Scott Gillman.

From that day, he moved with his family to the United Arab Emirates and reorganized the Abu Dhabi Team, taking care of the Inshore teams of F1 (in the meantime named World Championship FH2O) and of F2. He brought with him the Dac  team: Attilio Donzelli, Giacomino Curti, his cousin Denis and revolutionized the management of the team, exalting the talents of the already established drivers and making young riders grow, including some new drivers from the United Arab Emirates.

Regarding the conquered world titles, his road map is impressive, similar to when he was the driver: the Abu Dhabi Team won four  Team World Championships F1 (2015, 1016 2018 and 2019), two world driver’s title F2 in 2017  and in 2019, September, both with Rashed al Qemzi (2019 World Champion with one round to spare and in the same time World Champion in F4)  and three world driver’s title F1: in 2017 with Alex Carella and in 2018  and 2019 with Shaun Torrente.

In 2019 July,  the Abu Dhabi Team  conquered the World crown in Endurance Shaun Torrente, Rashed Al Qemzi, Rashed Al Tayer and Tullio Abbate jr, became World Champions in Augustow (Poland): it is the second Endurance World Title for Abu Dhabi Team, after that of 2015.

But, most important of all, first Rashed al Qemzi won his second UIM F2 World Champioship (and in the same time the F4 World Title 2019, and after Shaun Torrente reconfirmed himself as World F1 H2o World Champion. It was an amazing F1 Championship, won in Sharjah in the last turn of the last race against a great driver: Jonas Andersson. A great victory, due to a great Team and a great Driver. The Abu Dhabi Team won also the World Team Title!

So, for Guido Cappellini as a Team manager,  there are 11 world crowns won in just 5 years!

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