Guido Cappellini
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What they say about him…

Lavinia Cavallero

Lavinia CavalleroIt is hard to say something about GC that has not yet been said. We can say that all his life has been a run after records of any kind: • 10th F1 World Title, • Holder of the fast speed record on a F1 boat • Most successful Team Manager sitting his 3 drivers on top 3 positions We can ask ourselves what it takes to achieve all these goals: capacity, reliability, perfectionism, meticulousness but also a good deal of pedantry and manipulation. All this is..

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What they say about him…

Nicolò di San Germano

Nicolò di San GermanoI’ve known Guido since 1985, when he  left the 4 wheeles, to devote himself only to boats. Since then, he has become one of  those drivers who will remain forever in the powerboating history, with his 10 world championship won. He’s a “son” of Molinari senior. I believe he learned all the secrets in his yard, included the catamaran he later adopte in speedboat racing. Guido has always been both a driver and a  technician, a great connoisse..

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